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How to fool artificial intelligence

Adversarial attacks involve the provision of adversarial examples of the model, which are inputs designed by the attacker to deliberately deceive the model to produce erroneous output.

Artificial intelligence technology has great potential in epidemic prevention

Recently, a sudden outbreak of new coronavirus pneumonia (NCP) has taken people by surprise. However, in order to achieve better anti-epidemic effects, many scientific researchers have applied many technical methods to fight the epidemic. Among them, artificial intelligence technology has become one of the powerful weapons in this battle against epidemic and epidemic prevention; it has helped epidemic prevention and epidemic prevention in epidemic prevention and control, image analysis, auxiliary diagnosis, and vaccine development.

The secret to the artificial intelligence strategy

Artificial intelligence strategy modeling is different from creating traditional business strategies. This article is intended to guide practitioners in developing targeted artificial intelligence strategies. These insights are based on my personal experience and expert interviews with global AI leaders at companies such as Volkswagen, Google, and Artificial Intelligence Fund.

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