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"59 Page PDF" Natural Language Processing NLP Basic Concepts (Free Download) found it difficult to get started with artificial intelligence, especially for non-technical people.

Therefore, we integrate the excellent science and technology content at home and abroad in the most easy-to-understand way, specifically for non-technical personnel, so that everyone can understand the basic concepts in the field of artificial intelligence.

8 steps to solve 90% NLP issues

We'll start with the simplest method and move on to more subtle solutions such as feature engineering, word vectors and deep learning.

Shannon Technology proposes a Chinese-language deep learning model Glyce, sweeping 13 Chinese NLP records

Recently, Shannon Technology published a research and proposed a Chinese glyph vector Glyce. The research is based on the evolution of Chinese characters, using a variety of Chinese characters and various writing styles, designed for Chinese pictographic characters. CNN Architecture - Tian Character Bank CNN. Glyce in 13 (almost all) Chinese NLP The task has achieved the best performance at the moment.