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Fuzzy neural network is the product of the combination of fuzzy theory and neural network. It combines the advantages of neural network and fuzzy theory, integrating learning, association, recognition and information processing.

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Neural-fuzzy hybridization leads to a hybrid intelligent system that combines these two techniques by combining the human-like reasoning style of the fuzzy system with the learning and connection structure of the neural network. Neurofuzzy hybridization is widely referred to in the literature as Fuzzy Neural Networks (FNN) or Neurofuzzy Systems (NFS). The neurofuzzy system (and more commonly used terminology) combines a human-like fuzzy system inference approach by using a fuzzy set and a language model consisting of a set of IF-THEN fuzzy rules. The main advantage of neuro-fuzzy systems is that they are universal approximators that can be used to solicit interpretable IF-THEN rules.

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