What is a GPU?

The CPU is more powerful and can do a lot of things, it is suitable for handling complex tasks. The GPU is simple in structure and can form a sea of ​​people tactics, suitable for handling repetitive and simple tasks.

Knowing that there is an answer is very good:

GPU and CPU differences
GPU and CPU differences


A mathematics professor and 100 primary school PK.

The first round, four arithmetic, one hundred questions. The professor got the paper together. One hundred primary school students each took a question. When the professor first started to calculate the second question, the primary school students collectively handed in the papers. The first round of primary school students crushed professor.

The second round, advanced functions. One hundred questions. When the professor is done. One hundred elementary school students don't know what they are doing... In the second round, the professor crushed one hundred elementary school students. Is it easy to understand?

This is a shallow comparison between CPU and GPU.


Baidu Encyclopedia version

Graphics Processing Unit (English: Graphics Processing Unit, GPU), also known as display core, visual processor, display chip, is a special type of personal computer, workstation, game console and some mobile devices (such as tablets, smartphones) Etc.) A microprocessor that works on image operations.

The purpose is to convert and display the display information required by the computer system, and provide a line scan signal to the display to control the correct display of the display. It is an important component for connecting the display and the main board of the personal computer, and is also one of the important devices for the "human-machine dialogue". . As an important part of the computer host, the graphics card undertakes the task of outputting display graphics. It is very important for people who are engaged in professional graphic design.

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Wikipedia version

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a specialized electronic circuit designed to quickly manipulate and change memory acceleration to create an image in a frame buffer intended for output to a display device. GPUs are used in embedded systems, mobile phones, personal computers, workstations and game consoles. Modern GPUs are very effective at handling computer graphics and image processing. Their highly parallel architecture makes them more efficient than general purpose CPUs for algorithms that process large blocks of data in parallel. In a personal computer, the GPU can exist on a video card or be embedded on a motherboard. In some CPUs, they are embedded on the CPU chip.

The GPU has been used at least in the 20 century 80 era. It was promoted by Nvidia in 1999, and he brought GeForce 256 to the market as the "world's first GPU." It is presented as "a single-chip processor with integrated transform, lighting, triangle settings/cutting and rendering engines." Competitor ATI Technologies released Radeon 2002 in 9700, creating the term "visual processing unit" or VPU.

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