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Knowledge Graph, also known as the scientific knowledge map, is called the knowledge domain visualization or the knowledge domain mapping map in the library and information community. It is a series of different graphs showing the relationship between knowledge development process and structure. Descriptive knowledge is represented by visualization technology. Resources and their carriers, mining, analyzing, building, drawing and displaying knowledge and the interrelationships between them.

By combining the theories and methods of applied mathematics, graphics, information visualization technology, information science and other disciplines with the citation analysis and co-occurrence analysis methods, and using the visual map to visually display the core structure, development history and frontier of the discipline The modern theory of the field and the overall knowledge architecture to achieve multidisciplinary integration. Provide a practical and valuable reference for disciplinary research.

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Knowledge Graph is a knowledge base that is used by Google and its services to improve the results of its search engine collecting information from various sources. The information will be displayed to the user in the information box next to the search results. 2012 year 5 month, the knowledge map information box was added to Google's search engine, starting from the United States, will be international expansion by the end of this year. The knowledge map is partially supported by Freebase. The information covered by the knowledge map has grown significantly since its release, tripled in seven months (covering 5.7 billion entities and 180 billion facts), and is able to answer the monthly 2016 billion processed by Google in 5 1000 months. "About one-third" in the search. Knowledge maps have been criticized for providing answers without providing source attribution or citations.

Information from the knowledge map is displayed as a box to the right of the search results (top of the mobile device). According to Google, this information is available from many sources, including CIA World Factbook, Wikidata, and Wikipedia. 2016 10 months, Google announced that the knowledge map has more than 700 billion facts. There is no official documentation on the techniques used for knowledge map implementation. Information from knowledge maps is used to answer direct verbal questions in Google Assistant and Google Home voice queries.

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