What is the factor?

In speech synthesis, there is a key technology to disassemble text into phonemes, and then to the speech library to match the same phoneme segment to achieve text conversion speech, then what is the phoneme?

In fact, when a person speaks, he can pronounce the most shortest, simple, and inseparable pronunciation. Different phonemes are different short pronunciations, which can form different long pronunciations, and then form words to form a language.

The smallest unit of Chinese characters is a word, but a word may have multiple phonemes, as in the following example:


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Phone is the smallest unit in speech. It is analyzed according to the pronunciation action in the syllable. One action constitutes a phoneme. Phonemes are divided into two categories: vowels and consonants.

For example, the Chinese syllable ā (ah) has only one phoneme, ài (love) has two phonemes, and dāi (stay) has three phonemes.

The method of labeling speech with international phonetic symbols is called the phonetic method, and there are two types: wide and strict. The wide-sounding method is based on the distinguishable phoneme and the strict-sounding method is marked with strict phoneme distinctions. The difference between the phonemes is represented as much as possible. The wide-character method uses limited symbols, while the strict-type phonetic method uses limited symbols. There are many symbols to use, but each has its own purpose.

A phoneme is the smallest unit or smallest piece of speech that makes up a syllable, and is the smallest linear unit of speech that is divided from the perspective of sound quality. Phonemes are physical phenomena that exist in existence. International phonetic symbols (marked by the International Phonetic Society to uniformly mark the letters of various countries. Also known as "international phonetic letters" and "universal phonetic letters"), the phonetic symbols correspond to the phonemes of the entire human language.

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In phonetics and linguistics, a phoneme is any different voice or gesture, whether or not the exact sound is critical to the meaning of the word.

Conversely, a phoneme is the voice of a given language, and if it is exchanged with another phoneme, it changes the meaning of the word. Phonemes are absolute, not specific to any language, but can only be discussed with reference to a specific language.

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