Weak artificial intelligence (Weak AI)

Weak artificial intelligence, also known as restricted-field artificial intelligence (Narrow AI) or applied artificial intelligence (Applied AI), refers to artificial intelligence that focuses on and can only solve problems in specific areas.

For example:AlphaGo,Crab,FaceID Wait

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Strong artificial intelligence (Strong AI)

Also known as Artificial Artificial Intelligence or Full Artificial Intelligence (Full AI), it refers to artificial intelligence that can do all the work of human beings.

Strong artificial intelligence has the following capabilities :

  • Reasoning when using uncertainties, using strategies, solving problems, and making decisions
  • The ability to express knowledge, including the ability to express common sense knowledge
  • Planning ability
  • Learning ability
  • Ability to communicate using natural language
  • Ability to integrate these capabilities to achieve a defined goal

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Super Intelligence (ASI)

Assuming that computer programs continue to evolve and are smarter than the world's smartest and most gifted humans, the resulting artificial intelligence system can be called super artificial intelligence.

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