Integrate several core areas of artificial intelligence: machine learning, deep learning, NLP, etc.

MessageEasy to understandCan understand whether it is technical or non-technicalUnderlying logic.

Artificial intelligence foundation

What will you get?

You will learn the underlying logic of artificial intelligence: from rule-based to data-based.

You can also learn about several types of AI and the troika that drives the development of AI.

机器 学习

What will you get?

You will learn about the centralized learning methods of machine learning and mainstream machine learning algorithms.

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Deep learning

What will you get?

Deep learning has led the third wave of AI and is currently the most popular and effective field. You will learn about the most mainstream algorithms in the forefront of deep learning.

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Evaluation before AI empowerment

What will you get?

More and more people want to use AI to empower their companies, businesses, and products. But many people don't know about AI, so they don't know which problems are suitable for AI and which problems are not suitable.

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AI Knowledge Base

AI entry knowledge base

Introduce important knowledge related to AI in a simple and understandable way. Help non-technical quickly understand basic concepts and underlying logic.

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