"TensorFlow: From Beginner to Master" is a series of practical courses of Deeplearning.ai, developed and taught by Teacher Wu Enda.The purpose is to help everyone understand:

  • How to build a machine learning model in TensorFlow
  • Using Deep Neural Network and Convolutional Neural Network to Construct Image Recognition Algorithm
  • How to deploy models on mobile devices and networks
  • Learning object detection, text recognition, etc. other than image recognition, entering, etc.
  • Extend the basic API for custom learning/training

In addition to Teacher Wu Enda, another heavyweight teacher of the course is Dr. Laurence Moroney.

Wu Enda and Dr. Laurence Moroney
Wu Enda and Dr. Laurence Moroney

The course is divided into four weeks and the course is arranged as follows:

  • Week 1: Introducing a new programming paradigm
  • Week 2: Introduction to Computer Vision
  • Week 3: Enhancing Computer Vision with Convolutional Neural Networks
  • Week 4: Using real-world images

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Introduction to TensorFlow Deep Learning
Introduction to TensorFlow Deep Learning

Introduction to TensorFlow Deep Learning is a free course at Uda CitySince its launch in 2016, it has more than 10,000 students from 40, and today it is part of the Deeplearning.ai TensorFlow series. This course provides a hands-on understanding of software deep learning and the ability to actually run TensorFlow models on mobile devices, the cloud, and browsers, giving students the skills they need to create AI applications.

The course has now updated the 4 class, which is: first class: introduction to the course outline; second class: introduction to machine learning; third class: training MNIST model; fourth class:CNN Introduction. Currently, the 4 class has all been online, and the 5 class has not been updated.

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