We hope to make a "Artificial Intelligence Knowledge Base that everyone can understand"

The AI ​​era has come to the collar

After the popularity of AlphaGo, artificial intelligence (AI) has been known to ordinary people. Although everyone knows, almost everyone will think that AI is a very mysterious, very esoteric thing!

Indeed, AI is a very esoteric field, but it has entered our daily lives! We are exposed to a wide variety of AI products almost every day, but most people don't know!

FaceID on Apple's mobile phone uses AI technology; when we search through search engines, there are a lot of AI technologies behind it; everyone's new mobile phone will tell you "AI photos are better!"; Voices that everyone uses in WeChat The text-to-text system also utilizes AI technology.

More examples are not listed,I just want to tell you: the AI ​​era is here!

If you go to understand some AI-related knowledge, you will find that the current AI technology is not as exaggerated as it is in science fiction movies, but it has played a huge role in all walks of life! And the science fiction films that everyone sees are not impossible. Maybe one day we or our descendants can live in science fiction movies!

Getting started with artificial intelligence is a very painful thing

Under the advocacy of various technological giants, some people try to understand AI, but most people are halfway! Because getting started AI is an extremely painful thing!

AI is built on many basic sciences, and most people in these disciplines have forgotten it! For example: mathematics, probability, biology, computer science, linguistics...

Many of the AI-related materials that everyone sees on the Internet involve a large number of basic-language terminology, a large number of professional formulas, and it’s hard to see a picture that is completely incomprehensible. It’s often easy to say something. A logic that is completely incomprehensible. If you have seen AI related materials recently, you should know what I am talking about!

Let's just post the 1 picture, let's feel it.

The information of artificial intelligence is very complicated.

Thinking about the introduction of artificial intelligence

We want to put aside complex formulas, complex logic that is not taken for granted, and complex terminology. Do an AI knowledge base that can be understood by liberal arts students.

Easier to understand, not more rigorous

easyAI to make artificial intelligence content easier to understand

Most of the AI ​​materials that everyone sees on the market today are rigorous. The more rigorous the content, the harder it is to understand. There is no shortage of AI materials that are rigorous and difficult to understand, but there is a lack of easy-to-understand content.

But the easier it is to understand, the less rigorous it is, so we try to find a balance between rigor and easy understanding. First of all, we can ensure that everyone can understand and try to be rigorous.

Integrate deep content into a few better learners

Getting started and high-level content don't conflict

There must be some people who have some initial understanding of AI, and have been evoked by the inner little beast, hoping to learn more and understand AI-related knowledge. Curiosity is the driving force for human progress!

We want to make it easier for everyone to get started. We also hope that everyone can learn and understand AI-related knowledge more deeply, so we will also provide higher-level knowledge to those who have the ability and better study.

So you can see easy-to-understand AI basics in easyAI and see more rigorous but harder basics. We will integrate different levels of content to adapt to different levels of the group.


I hope everyone can like our content. If you have any comments or suggestions, you can tell us in the discussion forum.

I also hope that friends who have a strong interest in AI and who have a certain knowledge background will join us and constantly improve this. AI knowledge base that everyone can understand!

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