AI is not a panacea, so what can AI do and can't do?

Strong artificial intelligence and super artificial intelligence may appear one day, when a versatile AI might be possible.

What can AI do?

in"人工智能In the book, Li Kaifu’s "5 Second Principle" can summarize some of the AI's current capabilities:

If a person can make a corresponding decision on the question that needs to be considered and decided at work in 5 seconds, then this work has a very large possibility that AI will be replaced in whole or in part.

In addition to the 5 second principle, AI can do a lot of things that humans can't do!

Currently in the weak artificial intelligence stage, the mainstream practice isGive the machine a lot of data and let the machine learn a certain "skill." When you learn the skills, the machine can use this "skill" to accomplish a specific task..

such as:

  • AlphaGo is "learning" a lot of Go data and learning how to play Go
  • FaceID is to use a lot of face images to learn how to distinguish different faces.
  • Tesla used the driving data of a large number of users to learn how to drive.
  • ……

What can AI do?

same with"人工智能The book summarizes some of the things that AI can't do at the moment:

  • Cross-domain reasoning ability (programs will write C, learning JAVA is very fast! But AI can't)
  • Abstract abilities (such as Picasso's paintings are highly abstract works)
  • Ability to explain the reasons behind it (knowing it, knowing why)
  • Common sense (AI will not tell you: "Wind, rain, clothes")
  • Self-awareness (AI will not ask itself: Who am I? Why am I alive? Where am I going?)
  • Aesthetic (AI can't tell you that this song is good, that song is not good...)
  • Emotions (AI will not be tempered to strike)

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