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Illustration of woman siting at desk and working on laptop.
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From sunlight to sunset, as the words flow from her head to the page, her fingertips work tirelessly.The letters "ete" are all the rest of the most commonly used keys on her five-year-old MacBook.When she violently reversed the incomplete thought, her delicate fingers touched the intention.

After nearly 10,000 hours of hard work, she finally finished her first book on entrepreneurship.That night, she fell asleep with a great sense of accomplishment, but was awakened by a nightmare.

The book written by AI has just topped the New York Times bestseller list.

The introduction in WHI-E is fictitious and written by an actual person (me). I want to explore the distance that we turn it into reality.

Can AI content generators really create coherent, creative and concise narratives for marketing professionals today?

Like you, or maybe not like you, I doubt it.

To provide a comprehensive overview of the current state of the technology, I tested three AI content generation applications that are expected to speed up the writing process.Each platform includes functions for writing blog titles, introduction texts, draft articles, advertising copy and website texts.

This is what I found, with examples that make you scared, cringe, or make you laugh.Or all of the above.

  1. What is AI content generation, and how does an AI ad writing application work?
  2. What are the pros and cons of using AI to create copies?
  3. What is the best AI content generation tool?
  4. Today, is AI content generation a fun toy or a valuable tool?

1. What are AI content generators and how do they work?

AI-generated content applications use machine learning algorithms to generate original copies based on certain inputs provided by humans, which can be topic titles, keywords, tone, and/or short text prompts.

Before detailing how these applications work, it needs toGPT-3Give a brief explanation,GPT-3It is a deep learning language model developed by OpenAI, which can generate human-like text.

For now, GPT-3 is the most powerful language learning model. It is trained on hundreds of billions of words in the Internet and books.You can find many examples of GPT-3 generated content, from Dr. Seuss-style poems to the lyrics of heavy metal songs.

This is part of a poem about Elon Musk written in the style of Dr. Seuss.
Part of a poem about Elon Musk written in the style of Seuss

Like many state-of-the-art chatbots and voice-generating applications, AI content generators utilize the GPT-3 language model and then customize it to suit its specific use case (in this case, marketing content).

E.g,Copysmith.AIUsing GPT-3, the machine learning models trained on the best-performing ads are layered at the same time to get ad copy suggestions.Two other suppliers I have seenCopy.AIwritesonicGPT-3 is also used, which makes sense because it is the most advanced model in existence today.

Although we don’t know how GPT-3 works, we do know that GPT-3 is very reliable in writing short text fragments that are indistinguishable from humans.exist"New York Times"During the quiz, you can see for yourself whether you can find the difference.

The truth is that you need more than just a few simple sentences to get people involved in articles, e-books or websites.

This will bring me to the next part, how will artificial intelligence content generation technology behave when it is put into practice?

2. The pros and cons of using AI to write copies

"It doesn't have any internal model or any world." This is the main limitation of GPT-3, which is defined by "Artificial Intelligence: A Guide to Thinking about HumansAuthor of the bookMelanie mitchell引用.

When I asked the platform to write a paragraph about the benefits of AI-generated content, I could see a lack of understanding of the context.

Writesonic’s response offered an example of another company’s product.If AI has any context to prove that it is an AI content generation application, then it is better than competing for competitors.

The lack of context highlights a major flaw-the accuracy of shared information.

A screenshot of the pros and cons of using AI to create a copy from Writesonic.
Writesonic screenshot

When asked about the benefits of AI content generation,copy.AIdisplay"AI defeated humans in most tasks important to humans." Can you say that today is true?I would say that artificial intelligence cannot outperform humans in creative tasks. It happens that the most important thing is writing.Unfortunately, the AI ​​did not provide any examples to support its claims.

In addition to a lack of contextual understanding of the world, some content examples sound like drunken, incoherent clutter (left).Other examples provide thoughtful views (right) and reflect a lot of what you might read in publications such as Business Insider.

Some content examples sound like drunken, incoherent noise, while other examples provide thoughtful points.
Copy.AI screenshot

For long format texts, the platform requires detailed topic tips or outlines.

Overall, the results are unsatisfactory-paragraphs are not coherent, ideas of randomness are often too specific or insufficiently related to the main theme, and lack clear points.

Writesonic screenshot

However, these platforms perform much better when brainstorming story themes or headlines.I provided an overview of this article and got some headline ideas.I could have used many of the suggestions below.

Provide headline suggestions.
Copysmith.AI (left) | Writesonic (right)

In addition to long and short forms of content, an unexpected feature I like to use is called the sentence expander.For Writesonic, you can provide up to 200 characters of content and choose the tone of voice, and it will spit out other ways to express your ideas. Copysmith.AI does not have an exact equivalent, but it does provide a module called "Bullet Expander".

For example, I provided the following sentences for two platforms, rewritten in an optimistic tone:

AI content generators will only be improved in the next few years.

The examples I received not only provided alternative ways of expressing ideas, but also provided new details to consider.This feature may be valuable when you are stuck in an idea or trying to make the sentence more compelling.

The alternative text of the sentence is provided by the author.
Writesonic (left) | Copysmith.AI (right)


AI content generators can draw best practices from the highest-performing content on the Web to provide eye-catching slogans, but on the contrary, it is difficult to write simple and compelling narratives in 1-2 sentences.

For brainstorming theme ideas or short copies, the AI ​​content generator is a great addition to your existing marketing technology stack.If you are trying to create countless text variants for split testing, or encounter writer barriers, there is nothing wrong with turning to your new AI friend.

For long-format copies, you still need to spend a lot of time splitting, editing and extending points, running accuracy checks, and layering in your own thoughts.In fact, the time it takes to do this may be equal to the time it takes the content writer to write a more persuasive narrative from scratch.


  • Rewrite the sentence
  • Brainstorm topics to be written
  • Eye-catching 1-2 sentence phrases, abstracts or ad text

Things to note:

  • Long rendition
  • Come up with novel ideas
  • accuracy
  • analogy
  • Write with the brand’s voice (some features provide "tones")

3. What is the best AI content generation tool out there?

So, which platform provides marketers with the best toolset?

After dozens of tests, I have tended to use one platform over another.However, I think I will make a final direct comparison with the ad text creation module.

Each platform provides slightly different features, so comparisons between Apples are a bit tricky.Although Copysmith.AI and Copy.AI can draft LinkedIn ad copy, Writesonic provides Facebook ad copy.

However, I am not interested in the length of the copy, and more interested in the attractiveness of the hook.I tested some tips to compare the results.

1. Will artificial intelligence change the production of content forever?

Wen Smith:Artificial intelligence is meeting people's needs.are you ready?

Writesonic:What happens when AI writes our content, creates our artwork and edits our videos? The AI ​​content revolution is here.

Copy.AI: LaunchThe key to a new business is to grow and build your initial brand awareness in the community.But how to fund these efforts when you build fairness and reputation in the market.Thanks to new AI content generation applications for small businesses, this may no longer be a long-term problem.

2. Deep learning.What is this and how does it work?

Copysmith:Deep learning is a new field of artificial intelligence.Find out how it works now.

Writesonic:Don't know what deep learning is?View this article through AI content to learn more.

Copy.AI:If you have been following the media lately, you may have heard that deep learning is one of the hottest fields right now, just as many people seem to be ecstatic about its role and confident of its future.However, despite the popularity of deep learning in recent months, there are still some people who are asking: what exactly is this?

In addition, I decided to try Copysmith's ad generator tool to see how creative it is.I used IBM Watson as an example (somewhat ironically) and provided the following input:

Audience:Data scientist

describe(Similar to IBM's LinkedIn):With Watson, which is a data-driven business artificial intelligence platform, we are building industry-based solutions to practical problems.For 12 years, IBM Research has defined the future of information technology, with more than 3,000 researchers in XNUMX laboratories on six continents.

Keywords:Artificial intelligence, wisdom, thinking

Copysmith.AI advertising copywriting creativity:

  • Research is our work, innovation is our creation.
  • Artificial intelligence is the only thing more powerful than human curiosity.
  • We are changing the way the world works
  • The future is in your hands.


Copy.AI spreads across the entire map (read Sean KernanCorrectplatformAnalysis), the worst effect.

Copysmith and Writesonic feel very similar, but in general, I find Copysmith.AI is a better platform for B2B marketing.The result is less general and more coherent.However, because the technology is still quite new, the scope from one platform to the next is still not large. GTP-3 came out in May 2020-therefore, there is still controversy as to which platform (if any) will move forward.

4. Is AI content generation a fun toy or a valuable tool?

Although AI can write unique texts (texts that will not be marked as plagiarized), it will still create copies based on content that already exists on the Internet.As a result, all the proposed ideas are essentially reflections on what someone has already written somewhere.


The fact is that AI content accelerators will not be your golden ticket for high-quality content.However, they can speed up the process of providing short, eye-catching text summaries (such as story titles and ad copy).

However, there is no problem with the quality.

I can't say with certainty whether using AI-generated copies will completely change the way content is created.It depends on how the technology is developed, but if I were a gambling expert, I would say that the ability of humans and AI to create content together has a clear place in the future (and now).

We still have a long way to go before AI can replace the wisdom, creativity, stories and vision brought by human beings.However, if you are interested in selling a new toy or looking for some AI inspiration, then the price is reasonable:

Disclaimer:I am by no means affiliated with any platform mentioned in this story.