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Links - AI / Product Manager Area

AI Field Forum
Zhengzhou point my technology
Excellent BLOG in the field of NLP
Learning tutorials, the latest news
Artificial intelligence network
Machine learning, deep learning
Product Manager's Road, starting with PM265
Axure Chinese Community
A professional AI vertical community
Knowledge Graph Direction Recommended
College of Artificial Intelligence Technology
Original articles on big data and artificial intelligence
A postgraduate who can web and deep learning
Free practice ubiquitous learning community
Big beauty
Focus on the Web, share life, share knowledge
A personal blog for tech enthusiasts
AI competition service platform

Friendly Link - Non-AI Field

Webmaster BLOG
Introduction to digital currency investment
Leading robot interactive media
The first media focused on B2B marketing growth
Seeing the world, close to each other, the product should be 100 points
Technology blog
Technology, product, management, thinking pattern
Technology blog
Provide high quality Laravel Chinese learning resources
Focus on practical network development technology to organize and share
Provide a variety of programming technical notes and tutorials
Sharing is king
Follow Spring Cloud, Docker
The life of the programmer after the love and play of 90
One-stop mobile advertising technology service provider
Focus on Internet operation promotion
Enterprise Service Product Purchasing and Partner Selection Service Platform
Enterprise Cloud Server
Aliyun Station-Discount Voucher

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