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Lu Qi Qinghua's speech: the essence and development direction of AI

2019 4 Month 18 Day, Dr. Lu Qi’s private speech in Tsinghua’s non-public speech “The Nature of AI and Entrepreneurial Innovation” was exclusively available. This is the first time Lu Qi systematically exported his insights and practical experience in the AI ​​industry in China. . In the lecture, Lu Qi led entrepreneurs to re-recognize AI at the height of history and gave directional suggestions for personal development in the AI ​​era.

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How AI will rewrite our lives

About how robots can change the ears of our lives have been staple foods in science fiction for decades. In the 20 century 40 era, the wide interaction between humans and artificial intelligence seems to be still in the foreseeable future, Isaac Asimov proposed his famous "Three Laws of Robotics". Designed to prevent robots from harming us.