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Visual Modeling Based on Relational Networks: Expected to Replace Convolutional Neural Networks

Their research and some other work during the same period have shown that these models can also be widely used to model the relationship between visual basic elements, including objects and objects, between objects and pixels, and between pixels and pixels, especially in Modeling the relationship between pixels and pixels can complement the convolution operation, and even hope to replace the convolution operation to achieve the most basic image feature extraction.

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CNN is old, GNN is here! A review of GNN by Sun Maosong in Tsinghua University

Deep learning cannot make causal reasoning, and graph model (GNN) is one of the solutions. Professor Sun Maosong of Tsinghua University published a review paper, comprehensively expounded GNN and its methods and applications, and proposed a unified representation that can characterize the propagation steps in various GNN models. In the text chart, it is recommended to print the high-definition plastic stickers for reference.

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Shannon Technology proposes a Chinese-language deep learning model Glyce, sweeping 13 Chinese NLP records

Recently, Shannon Technology published a research and proposed a Chinese glyph vector Glyce. The research is based on the evolution of Chinese characters, using a variety of Chinese characters and various writing styles, designed for Chinese pictographic characters. CNN Architecture - Tian Character Bank CNN. Glyce in 13 (almost all) Chinese NLP The task has achieved the best performance at the moment.